Coca Cola Campaign

Package design

This a package redesign for three Coca Cola products, Coke, Sprite, and Fanta. The packaging is designed to reflect the corrupt and unethical practices of Coca Cola. In 1940, Fanta was created in Nazi Germany to be sold specifically in Germany due to trade embargo that stopped the production of regular Coca Cola. All throughout the 2000's Coca Cola was protested in India for using up most of their already scarce drinking water to produce coke and also were accused of contaminating the drinking water and major plants were forced to shut down. In 2014, Coca Cola has lost a $192.5 million lawsuit for racial discrimination. The multi billion dollar corporation has also been reported to exploit child labor laws in El Salvador. The list keeps going on, they're a fucked up company. A product that speaks to my three target audiences. It works as a fuck you to the corporate heads, a value of dignity for the afflicted, and a rally for the common people that are unaware. In response, I created a design where the packaging itself can be printed off and easily slipped on to any existing package with a slit on the barcode so it can still be purchased. I did this, so people will still commonly recognize the drink as it is, but if they look closely they will see s hidden image with a powerful meaning


These are the patterns used on the packaging.